Company Overview

Company Overview

Trisim Global Solutions is the new age technology company that enables ecosystem partners by bridging gaps and bringing new tools to make buildings more liveable,
factories more productive and cities smarter.

Riding on deep-seated domain knowledge and closely connect with the industry we serve, Trisim understands the emerging needs and serve as a value-added distributor of new-age smart technologies and as a knowledge service to system integration houses and end-customers.

Company Overview

At Trisim, we believe passionately in connecting system integrators with brilliant technology and helping them from design and estimation stages to project deployment. We exist to bring ideas to our partners that result in profitable business growth. From robust fire alarm systems to bulk requirements of optical fibre cables, we are much more than the traditional distribution house who route boxes. At every interaction, we showcase the value we bring to the table, giving system integrators the confidence to win more and end-customers the faith on our abilities to deliver.

Trisim is backed by investors who not only provide the financial strength but also bring-in valuable industry expertise and strong connections that open doors, confidence to evaluate new opportunities and chart new paths.

Trisim is a growing team of qualified and experienced engineers based out of Kolkata and Bangalore with multiple branch offices. In this new age, Trisim has digital, operational and logistical reach across India. Outside India, Trisim is creating opportunities in Bangladesh and Bhutan.

Our Mission

Trisim aims to be at the forefront of the next wave of smart technologies that make our lives secure, connected and healthier. Leveraging the deep-rooted technological DNA of the company, our mission is to develop cutting edge, innovative solutions accessible to our partner network.

Our Vision

To be the most valued technology distribution house in India by:

  • Leveraging technology to automate processes
  • Being a trusted partner for System Integrators and OEMs
  • Being an employer of choice

Trisim Team has years of cross-functional domain experience and is dedicated to the distribution of advanced technologies to system integration houses and to act as their partners in ensuring the success of the projects that we undertake.

We provide business technology solutions to system integrators - including supply chain expertise, sales and marketing tools, project management and commissioning support, financing and enterprise solutions and continuous learning modules to efficiently address the needs of end to end-users of every market segment.

Our key USP is our consultative approach stemming from Business & Engineering insights meshed with customized & optimized solutions. Our business proficiency is displayed in our end-to-end project cycle management from early spec-in stages. Our supply chain management ensures the movement of goods to supply chain. Our distribution ecosystem for IT Hardware and Software products plays a significant role in taking technology to every corner and extends vendor reach through domestic and international geographies.

Once our commissioning experts complete deployment of the systems working hand-in-glove with our system integrators, we all join the end-customer to stand and admire happily our projects delivered successfully – on time and within budget.

Our Methodology

For system integrators, we add value by getting involved in early stages of the project, partnering with class-leading OEMs, charting out project delivery risks and mitigation plan, understanding statutory compliances and taking care of logistical demands of the project in hand. At the core of this, are the most thorough domain knowledge and the use of the most competent go-to-market strategies that make a profound difference.

For most OEMs, finding the right reseller can take months of research. Trisim perfectly bridges this gap and helps partners fine-tune their proposition for the end-customers thus delivering them a huge time-to-market advantage.

Backend automated CRM and ERP platform form the backbone. Multi-layer checkpoints at each level of the operation to ensure there are no mistakes and work gets completed.

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