Racks and Junction Boxes

Racks and Junction Boxes

Trisim delivers high-quality network racks, reliable junction boxes and state-of-the-art smart racks from leading manufacturers. We help System Integrators in selecting the right product, meeting budget constraints and maintain on-time delivery. Smart Racks are directly commissioned by factory trained TRISIM engineers.

It has a comprehensive range which serves a variety of industries and sectors:

  • Smart Racks with integrated cooling, environment sensors, access control and fire alarm systems
  • Server Rack & Networking Racks (4U to 50 U)
  • IP Rated Cabinets for Outdoor Projects like City Surveillance Projects, Telecom Projects
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fiber Termination Cabinet
  • Pole Mounted or Floor Standing Junction Boxes
  • Racks for Mounting of Video Surveillance Systems
  • Cable TV Headend Racks, Broadcast Equipments Rack (Broadcasting Industries)
  • Outdoor Battery Racks
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDUs)

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