Command & Control Room

Command & Control Room

Control rooms are the nerve centres of the buildings or factories and are essential in managing security operations. Trisim offers unique, modular, space-saving and ergonomic control room designs for critical 24/7 processes in any industry, utility or public facility.

Trisim has in-house Architects and Engineers who have extensive experience in control room design, from conceptual planning through to practical implementation. A well-designed control room, whether it's a new-build or upgrade is well accepted as an assurance of safer, more alert operators, more attentive monitoring, quicker and more rational responses and higher productivity.

  • Network Operations Centers(NOC)
  • Security Operations Centers(SOC)
  • Cyber Security Operations Centers(CSOC)
  • Emergency Operations Centers(EOC)
  • Joint Operations Centers(JOC)
  • Tactical Operations Centers(TOC)
  • Combined Operations Centers(COS)
  • Conference and Situation Rooms
  • Control Rooms

In addition to cutting-edge technology, we understand that the 'human factor' plays a vital role in the overall design and day-to-day operations of a control room. The combination of, and interaction between end-users, security operators and management staff is the ultimate driving factor in ensuring that the control room is 'fit for purpose'. We ensure that all ergonomic and anthropometric design criteria are considered to optimise the overall user experience. We choose colours, textures and materials for an aesthetically appealing setup.

While designing control rooms, we ensure that we follow ISO Standards for Ergonomic Design of Control Centers. By engaging with key members of the client's security team we ensure that ambient working conditions are maintained, factoring in design considerations such as optimised temperature levels, acoustic perception, and regulated air-flow and lighting. Ergonomics play an important role when we choose technical workstations and furniture.

Different activities call for various forms and levels of light. Trisim engineers consider lighting needs; from activities, operators perform, to safety management strategies that reduce stress, fatigue, and mistakes. Another vital factor to consider is a unique power and data distribution requirement of every control room. Reliable power and data flow are integral in ensuring the uptime of the command and control room.

Trisim delivers design to turnkey execution services through our network of system integrators for all sizes of control rooms – monitoring rooms inside multi-apartment residential complexes or network operation centres for telecom companies or commands and control rooms for smart cities.

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